Impact Therapy: The Courage to Counsel by Ed Jacobs and Christine Schimmel


This new and revised book describes in detail the components of Impact Therapy which is an active, creative, theory driven approach to counseling. This book is an updated and revised version of two previous books:Impact Therapy and Creative Counseling Techniques.



What is Impact Therapy?

Impact Therapy is an active approach to individual and group counseling developed by Dr. Ed Jacobs, Dr. Chris Schimmel, and Dr. Danie Beaulieu. This multisensory approach to counseling is a form of brief therapy that emphasizes making counseling sessions clear, concrete and thought provoking. Impact Therapy encourages counselors to combine creative counseling techniques with various counseling theories. This innovative approach to counseling has been very well received by school counselors and therapists from all areas of the mental health field including private practice, mental health and drug and alcohol treatment centers, hospitals, and correctional facilities.

What is in this book?

• Ideas on how to make counseling more active.
• Ideas on how to make counseling more helpful.
• Ideas on how to be more creative during counseling sessions.
• Ideas on integrating counseling theories with creative techniques.