Impact Therapy Associates

What is Impact Therapy Associates?

Impact Therapy Associates consists of therapists who have been involved in extensive training in Impact Therapy with Dr. Ed Jacobs, a counselor educator, national presenter, and author of three very widely used counseling books. The Associates are counselor educators, national presenters, school counselors, and private practitioners who present workshops throughout the country on Impact Therapy and use an Impact Therapy approach in their counseling practices.

Impact Therapy Associates offers a wide variety of workshops. These workshops can range anywhere from a half-day to three days and consist of mini-lectures, live demonstrations, and role-play situations. Participants gain many new ideas that can be applied to their work setting the very next day. Impact Therapy Associates offer workshops that focus on Impact Therapy and Creative Counseling, as well as workshops that have a theoretical emphasis such as Impact Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Impact Therapy, and Transactional Analysis(TA). Workshops on Impact Therapy and Group Counseling are available. Brief explanations of workshops and other training opportunities.

Counseling and Personal Growth

Personal Counseling

Many people are interested in getting counseling from a trained Impact Therapy counselor, but have trouble finding one in the area in which they live. Local referrals are made when possible. If not possible, on a very limited basis, we provide counseling over the phone. If you are interested in some personal counseling, you can contact us at the home office: (304) 599-0109, 457 Broadway Ave, Star City, WV 26505.

Personal Growth and Enhancement Weekend

Join Dr. Jacobs and staff members of Impact Therapy Associates for two days of personal growth and enhancement as you seek to think more clearly about the issues that plague you and your clients. There exists a strong belief that to better help clients, we must first help ourselves. This weekend growth experience will help you think more clearly about issues that are on your mind. You will also get a chance to see Impact Therapy put into practice as you and other participants work on personal issues.

Intensive Training

Supervision and additional training are available for those who are wanting to learn more about Impact Therapy. Supervision, either over the phone or by sending tapes to be critiqued, can be arranged. We are open to discuss the kind of supervision that would be most helpful for you. We also offer structured, intensive training for those who complete the three-day Impact Therapy workshop and want a year-long training program in Impact Therapy. Fees for the different kinds of supervision vary.

For another way to get a better understanding of Impact Therapy, go to ITA’s YouTube Channel. We have on YouTube many short clips that describe various aspects of Impact Therapy.