Pictures of Impact Therapy

Below are the actual whiteboard drawings from various sessions. We provide these just to give the idea of how a whiteboard may be used. Also, props that were used and a bulletin board of counselor in a school who uses impact therapy is depicted here.


In this session, the counselor used Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. She used the analogy of Not True and True tapes and drew pictures to represent the tapes. The Volume Up and Down arrows make the point that the client needs to turn down the volume on the not true tapes and increase the volume on the true tapes. She also wrote out what the client could tell himself. Also, the counselor used the TA theory and talked about the Hurt Child.

In this session, the counselor used the TA theory and showed the different ego-states of the client and a teacher. Also, the counselor used 1-10 ratings to make a point. Also, it appears that the counselor used a drawing to make a point about fairness.


In this picture, the counselor wanted to show all the different multi-sensory techniques she used during one session. She used the whiteboard, chairs, the large beer bottle to make the point that someone definitely had a drinking problem, the red bricks, a tape that needed edited, and stories from different books. Clients very often come back to the next session and talk about one or more of the props that were used in the previous sessions.


In this session, the counselor is trying to help the client understand her dad. It appears that the client rated her dad as a 3. The counselor also used TA to help the client understand herself, her dad, and someone named Bobbi. She also wrote in some of the self-talk and behavior that was going on in each of the ego states.

This is a picture of a bulletin board in a counselor’s office that was created by a school counselor who had studied impact therapy. This captures many of the concepts of impact therapy.