Bio for Ed Jacobs

Ed Jacobs coordinates the master’s program in Counseling at West Virginia University. He received his MA in psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and his Ph.D. in counselor education from Florida State University. Professional publications include 25 articles in books and journals as well as six books on counseling techniques: Impact Therapy: The Courage to Counsel, Impact Therapy, Creative Counseling Techniques: An Illustrated Guide, Group Counseling in Correctional Settings, How to Select and Apply change Strategies in Groups, and Group Counseling: Strategies and Skills are now out in the eighth edition.

Ed is the founder and director of Impact Therapy Associates. He is a licensed professional counselor in West Virginia and has been in private practice for over 35 years. Each year, Ed presents throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe over 20 workshops on impact therapy/creative counseling and group counseling for agencies, school districts, and organizations. Ed is known for his practical, down-to-earth style in both his presentations and his books. He also conducts summer training institutes on Impact Therapy.

Ed has been recognized for his outstanding teaching and contribution to the field. In 2006, he was given the Outstanding Teacher Award in his college. Also in 2006, he was given by the Association for Creativity in Counseling the Innovator of the Year Award. In the past, he was recognized for his contributions in group work by being given the Professional Advancement Award and selected as a Fellow in the Association for Specialists in Group Work. Ed is on the advisory board for the National Association for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists.