Comments from Past Workshops

“The workshop was among the best I’ve ever attended! The amount of change in my counseling skills due to a new understanding of theory and how theory should dictate my practice will benefit me and my clients from now on!” –Maureen

“The workshop was wonderful. I learned more in the three days than I have in many of my classes. Being able to observe role playing and real sessions with members of the group as well as participating in them gives you insight and confidence you can’t get from reading a book.” –Amanda

“When I was finishing grad school I felt totally unprepared to go out into the world and be a counselor. I felt I had learned to nod my head sympathetically and reflect back what someone had already told me. Attending the three day workshop literally changed both my approach to counseling and my life. I was able to apply the principles I learned from Ed to my clients as well as myself. This workshop helped me to be more helpful and to have more impact with my students in much less time than I had been spending. It was worth every cent!” –Tori

“The workshop was just what I needed. I was feeling trapped and closed in at the hospital. Now I feel I have so many new opportunities and possibilities for growth as a person and as a therapist. I have had a wonderful week since my return from Morgantown. Excited about the new possibilities since I experienced the workshop. I’ve begun collecting the props that I feel I will use immediately in the groups at the hospital and feel I have done GOOD work and I was HELPFUL to my patient’s this week. I felt I had direction and felt competent with the theory driven approach when working with patients as well as staff and doctors.

The workshop was a great “shot in the arm” professionally and a feeling of being refreshed personally as one might feel after participating in a retreat.” –Marleen